Case Study of Electronics Engineers

Case Study of Electronics Engineers

       Case Study of Electronics Engineers

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Case Study of Electronics Engineers

This case study is of Ravi, who got his CDR application approved in the third attempt. He is an electronics engineer from India who migrated to Australia a few years back. He wanted to work as an engineer in Australia and hence explored that he had to first register himself as an engineer through the CDR skill assessment process. Since he had no idea about the CDR skill assessment procedure, he contacted a CDR writing service and proceeded with it.

But on submission of his CDR application, Mr. Ravi did not get the outcome he expected. Instead, he received feedback on his application stating:

This career episode does not demonstrate your competency as a professional engineer. The scope of work described in your career episodes is limited and doesn't show the depth of knowledge required to demonstrate competency at the professional engineer level. It is not sufficient to say what you did; you must explain why and how you did it and include sufficient engineering evidence to support your claims. Please rewrite the career episodes and submit them again.

Process After Getting EA Comment

He contacted the same CDR writing service to help him with the next step on receiving these comments. Then he again submitted the rewritten CDR with some extra shreds of evidence, i.e., snapshots of design, analysis, graphical analysis, etc. Upon the completion of the application for the second time, he resubmitted his application. He waited anxiously for the decision on his application, but it was the same story again. He received feedback again, and this time, the feedback was quite heavy, and it goes like this:

The sketches, design drawings, and prototype pictures are all inconsistent with one another, and some of the drawings show high similarity to other sources. This may be considered as providing misleading information.
Please provide a copy of the original academic project report you based this career episode on - in the original format.
Please, provide a detailed written explanation on that matter and provide any documentary evidence that may support your claims.

CDRAustraliaVIP Process begin

Mr. Ravi then cited his problem to us (CDRAustraliaVIP). We then asked for everything he had submitted to Engineers Australia before receiving this comment. As soon as we collected the documents from Ravi, we started dissecting them. Upon the analysis of the documents, we deduced the following findings in his first two applications:

  • The CDR was poorly written.
  • The CDR did not contain relevant technical information. It merely stated what Ravi did.
  • The evidences d id not properly back up the claims made on the CDR.
  • Some of the evidences submitted on the second attempt where the snapshot of reference figures taken while developing the project in the first place.

Then in the next phase, we compared these findings with the feedback he received from Engineers Australia. The feedbacks were okay, provided that the CDR was poorly written in the first place.

After this, the feedback team at CDRAustraliaVIP proposed Ravi with a plan and asked him for certain documents that could be used as evidence to back up the claims made in the explanation letter. On receiving the documents, we worked on his project reports to ensure that the information provided on the submitted career episodes and the original project report did not contradict one another. Then we explained the case to the case officer, emphasizing more importance on the design drawings that were inconsistent with one another and the similarity issues.

After a complete workout, Mr. Ravi submitted his application to the EA portal. After about a month of intense anticipation, Mr. Ravi finally got what he desired, i.e., a positive outcome. He was full of joy. Please read Mr. Ravi’s testimonial here.

This is one of the several cases that we have successfully dealt with. Many applicants can’t cherish their dreams only because they trusted a CDR writing service with their application even though they are genuine engineers with adept engineering skills and abilities. So, you must be very wise while selecting a CDR writing service in the first place if you opt to do so. But if you don’t, your dreams might get shattered, and in the worst case, you might even get banned from applying to Engineers Australia again for a certain period.

We here at CDRAustraliaVIP focus on the quality of your application. First, we prepare a plan and discuss it with you. Then a draft file is developed, which then goes through several quality control phases before a finalized draft is made available to you. We then ask for your feedback and work on it if there are any. Finally, a project manager handling your case will give you a green signal to proceed with your application.

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