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What is a Career Episode? How many episodes are there in the CDR application?
Career episodes are one of the essential components of a CDR report that explains your educational qualification and work experience in your selected engineering field. You have to submit three different career episodes, all of which should be based upon three different engineering projects that you have done during a certain period during your undergraduate degrees or later. Projects that are eligible for developing a Career Episode are:
• Engineering project that was done as a part of your undergraduate or graduate course.
• Engineering Project that was executed at your workplace while you were employed there (Work projects).
• An engineering project that you are currently working on.
What is the ANZSCO code, and why is it important?
ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) is primarily a statistical classification that aggregates and organizes data about jobs and individuals. In classifying occupations, skill levels and specialization are considered based on the skills and specialization typically needed to do the tasks within a particular occupation or in most occupations within a group. The definitions and skill level statements apply to the occupation, not to the individuals in the occupation.
What should I do to avoid feedbacks from EA assessors on my Career episodes?
Since Career Episode is a technical document that demonstrates your skills and abilities, the assessors from Engineers Australia either approve or reject your application for being a registered Engineer in Australia. Thus, you should be very careful and follow all the guidelines that Engineers Australia sets. Failing to meet the standards might lead to rejection. Some of the very common reasons for the rejection of career episodes are given below, and you should strictly avoid these:
• Lack of technical details to showcase your skills and abilities as an Engineer.
• Lack of proper evidences to justify the claims made in Career Episodes.
• Copying contents from the internet (plagiarized content) in your application. Your application should be unique and original.
Do I need to submit my project report?
No, you don't have to submit your academic project report as a part of your CDR application. However, in some cases, you might be asked by Engineers Australia to submit the original report based on developing your career episodes. In such cases, you must submit the project report within the timeframe specified. Failing to do so leads to rejection, and you might be banned as well.
I received feedback on my CDR application. What should I do next?
EA feedback is a serious thing, and one should be careful with every word of feedback. The first thing you need to do is to examine the feedback and your CDR application to identify the possible scenarios that led you to receive the feedback in the first place. Those feedbacks must then be properly justified by proper arguments and evidences as requested by EA. In certain cases, you may need to write an explanation letter as well. Thus, you must be very precise and accurate when you receive feedback from EA. Taking expert help is during such a situation is highly recommended. Click here to contact us.
What is a VETASSESS skill assessment?
VETASSESS is Australia's leading vocational education and training assessment provider, which evaluates your qualifications and employment, determining if they match your intended occupation. Qualification assessment involves determining whether your qualifications are comparable on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as well as their relevance to your proposed occupation. Employment evaluation entails determining whether your work experience (obtained in Australia or abroad) is at an appropriate skill level and relevant to your nominated occupation.
What are the documents required for preparing a VETASSESS?
The following documents are required for preparing a VETASSESS:
• Application Fee
• Photograph
• Proof of identity
• Change of name
• Qualification evidence
• Employment evidence
• Resume / curriculum vitae
What happens if my application don’t met the qualifications for my nominated occupation?
If you do not meet the requirements for your nominated occupation, you will be sent a letter stating that you did not complete the pre-migration skills assessment. The assessment components where your application did not meet the requirements will be indicated in the letter. If you don't agree with the outcome of your application, you are highly recommended to talk to the assessor, who will then recommend you the available options for a reassessment.
I am a recent college graduate with no prior work experience. Can I apply for a full skills assessment?
VETASSESS provides a qualification-only assessment to support an application for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). VETASSESS skill assessments for all other visa types consider both qualification and employment in which job experience plays an important role because without it, you cannot apply for a full skills assessment.
I have extensive work experience in a highly relevant field to my chosen occupation but no formal qualifications. Can I still apply for a skills evaluation?
The applications for VETASSESS Skills Assessment require an evaluation of both qualifications and employment against the criteria for your nominated occupation. Highly relevant employment cannot compensate for lack of qualification at the required educational level for the nominated occupation
What are the requirements for my English proficiency test?
One benefit of taking the VETASSESS skills assessment is that it does not require English language skills assessments such as IELTS test results. With that being said, most VETASSESS skill level qualifications do require post-secondary education.
What is IML?
The Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) is the professional assessing authority that does skills assessment for senior-level managers such as HR manager, sales manager, etc. related to management field only having more than 6-7 years of experience working in the topmost leading manager position. Your whole professional profile starting from your first professional job, is studied using the documents you provided by IML, your statement, job roles, and responsibilities are verified before passing any judgment. The migration skills assessment procedure is pretty intense in this one, and without absolutely perfect documentation and explanation, one can be expected to ask for a satisfactory explanation, without which a positive outcome cannot be achieved.
How long does the Migration Skills Assessment remain valid for?
The validity of successful assessments ranges from two (2) years following the date of issue.
Will I need to take an English test as part of my IML skills assessment?
It is not necessary to have English language test results as part of the Migration Skills Assessment.
Is it possible for me to be evaluated for more than one job?
No, you must indicate the name of occupation on the application form you wish to be assessed. You must also provide documentary evidence of work experience and educational qualifications to support the chosen occupation in your application. If you want to be evaluated against a different occupation, you must submit a new application along with your documentary evidence to support the new occupation.
I have many years of management experience but no formal qualifications. Will my request for a migration assessment be granted?
Educational qualifications are not required to receive a positive Migration Skills Assessment. You should review the Assessment Criteria to determine the level of management responsibilities that are required.
What is the difference between migration skills assessment assessed through the institute of Managers and Leaders and those assessed through other organizations such as Vetassess?
IML only considers applications for senior-level management positions, whereas VETASSESS or other assessing authorities evaluate other occupations for immigration purposes.
What are the things to be avoided by CDR applicants from receiving EA ban?
Engineers Australia highly emphasizes the uniqueness, originality, and credibility of the work presented by you in your CDR application. EA has generally banned those applicants who have failed to justify the explanations that EA questioned while assessing their applications. So, you must be very careful while preparing your CDR. Since all the projects used to develop your career episode should be unique and original, you can't use the project in which you were not involved or copy the project from the internet. If EA finds it, it might directly ban you or ask for a justification to prove the credibility of the documents you provided.
I received an EA ban; what should I do now?
The first thing you should do is collect all the documents you have submitted to Engineers Australia for your CDR assessment. Then you should perform a detailed analysis of the feedback that EA has provided you while imposing the ban. After this, you should try to find out the possible scenarios that led to this, which is the toughest part. But if you are not satisfied with the feedback received, you can request an informal review of your application within three months from receiving the EA feedback.
But before you reapply after the ban period, you are highly recommended to contact a CDR writing expert who will dissect your previous documents and feedbacks to rectify the mistakes you made previously. We here at CDRAustraliaVIP have helped more than hundreds of banned clients to receive a successful outcome in their second application.
Do you provide banned case consultation?
Yes, we do. We have been doing this for years. During the consultation, we brief you with the possible scenarios that might have led to your application being banned by referencing the feedbacks you received with some of the previous cases we have worked on and successfully defended. Then we analyze your documents and propose a reasonable and safe solution to help you achieve a successful outcome this time around. contact us here to discuss your case.
My CDR application got rejected. What should I do now?
The rejected case also comes under a complex category, just like a banned case. So you must be very precise while reapplying. You must successfully justify the feedbacks that EA imposed on your application with supporting evidences. If you fail to justify the feedback or provided contradicting evidences to justify the feedback, then you might receive a temporary or permanent ban.
So you must contact a CDR writing expert to avoid disastrous outcomes if Engineers Australia has previously rejected your application.
Do you provide reject case consultation?
Yes, we do. We have been doing this for years. During the consultation, we brief you with the possible scenarios that might have led to your application being rejected by referencing the feedbacks you received with some of the previous cases we have worked on and successfully defended. Then we analyze your documents and propose a reasonable and safe solution to help you achieve a successful outcome this time around. contact us here to discuss your case.
Why do I need a project drafting service?
You need at least three projects in which you have been involved in developing a complete CDR application. The three engineering projects that you select must have enough technical details to demonstrate your engineering skills and abilities in your nominated occupation field. If not, you will get rejected. So you must submit three of your best engineering projects for preparing a good CDR application.
But if you feel that your projects do not contain adequate information to showcase your engineering skills, you need a project drafting service. With this service, a team of engineers who have closely worked with CDR applications for years will make necessary changes on your projects before developing a good Career Episode. You can also prepare a completely new project with this service if you have three engineering projects for the CDR application.
I have several projects. Can you help me select the three best projects for my CDR skill assessment?
Yes, we do. We first analyze all of your projects and then mark them based on the engineering activities you have performed with reference to the ANZSCO occupation code as mentioned by Engineers Australia. Then based on the weightage each project receives, we recommend the three best projects to help you achieve a successful CDR skill assessment. contact us here to discuss your case.