Case Study of Marine Engineers

Case Study of Marine Engineers

       Case Study of Marine Engineers


Case Study: Why Project Drafting Service is necessary?

Project drafting service is the service in which a project is created with the accurate representation of your skills and abilities to fit your engineering profile. We are all pretty aware that there are three Career Episodes in a CDR application developed from three different projects you have done. In some cases, applicants might not have three different projects to develop a CDR application. Or it might be that the applicants’ projects might not be good enough to receive a positive assessment from Engineers Australia. Thus, in both cases, an engineering graduate can’t become a registered engineer in Australia. This is why the project drafting service comes into play, as you can develop the project of your need by using this service.

Following is the case study of Mr. Karen, who had to use a project drafting service to become a registered engineering professional in Australia.

Mr. Karen is an Engineering graduate from Hong Kong who just migrated to Australia for his higher studies. Mr. Karen has been working as a marine engineer in Hong Kong for the past four years after completing his undergraduate degree and before migrating to Australia. Once in Australia, he learned that he needed to have his engineering skills assessed through the CDR skill assessment process to get himself registered as an Engineer in Australia and work in the Australian Professional Industry.

Karen then started working on his CDR application by himself. After successfully compiling his application as per Engineers Australia’s guidelines, he submitted it to the EA portal. But, all of his efforts on getting himself a registered engineer in Australia as he received the following feedback on his applications:

The Career episodes based on employment are more leaning towards the tasks of a Ship's Engineer. Please note that Engineers Australia is not the designated assessing authority for Ship's Engineer.

Hence, you may have options below to choose from to proceed with the assessment:

  • Naval Architect/ Marine Designer ANZSCO 233916 – you need to provide two new career episodes based on onshore engineering activities. Focus on how you used your engineering knowledge and skills to design and oversee the construction and repair of marine craft and floating structures. Update the Summary statement based on the revised episodes.
  • Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914 – you need to provide one new career episode based on onshore engineering activities. Update the Summary Statement for Engineering Technologist.

Process After Getting EA Comment

Karen was not sure of his next step upon seeing this feedback on his application and hence decided to take some assistance from CDR writing experts and came in contact with CDRAustraliaVIP. We then collected his documents that were filed initially and started to analyze them. Upon the analysis and comparing it with the feedback he received, we found out that the feedbacks were relatable and needed some groundwork to overturn it into a positive outcome.

As we can see from the feedbacks, the EA recommended Karen with two different options, i.e., to apply either for Engineering Technologists or to apply for a Naval architect/ marine engineer. But one stumbling block on both these options was that Karen required a new project to be eligible for either of these options. We then suggested to him about our project drafting service. Since the second option only required a single project, Karen opted for a second option. We assured Karen of developing a project so that it won’t hinder his prospect of being a professional marine engineer.

Once we developed a new project for him, we prepared a career episode and then updated his summary statement to Engineering Technologist as Karen opted to go with the second option. Karen then uploaded the revised documents to his EA portal and then waited for the outcome. Karen then got a response from EA, and it was a positive one.

Upon the successful Engineering Technologist outcome, Karen expressed his desire to assess himself as a professional Marine engineer. It was his primary goal of preparing the CDR application. Since Karen required two new projects to get himself a Professional outcome, as stated by the feedbacks on his first application, we developed a new academic project for him. Then we used another project that we developed during his Engineering Technologist assessment. Karen now had two new career episodes and was eligible for a professional assessment. We then selected one of his submitted projects that focused on his marine engineering skills to develop third career episodes. We then compared his new application with the one he had submitted to Engineers Australia for the very first time. This time the CDR application was deviated towards marine Engineering rather than ship engineering.

CDRAustraliaVIP Process begin

Once the application was finalized, Karen submitted his application for CDR skill assessment as a marine engineer and received a positive outcome again. Karen was overwhelmed with joy on receiving the feedback because he had no idea what to do when he received the feedbacks on his application for the first time. But with the help of an EA feedback expert at CDRAustraliaVIP and the use of project drafting service, Karen has a positive outcome on both Engineering Technologist and Professional Engineering.

So, you might be in a situation like Karen was. Or there might be a situation where the projects you have are not standard enough to demonstrate your skills as an engineer for CDR skill assessment. In such cases, you have to contact us at CDRAustraliaVIP and let us know about your situation. We will then analyze it and recommend you with a successful go-to plan like we did to Mr. Karen and help you live your dream of working in the Australian Engineering Industry.

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