Top 10 reasons for CDR rejection

Top 10 reasons for CDR rejection

Top 10 reasons for CDR rejection

Engineers Australia needs a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to assess your abilities and qualifications. Applicants must present a thorough CDR report describing their competencies in their respective fields. EA expects you to create your CDR documentation to grant Australian skilled migration. However, no matter how careful you are when drafting a CDR report, you may need to correct things. CDR rejection is the outcome of these errors.

Reasons for CDR rejection

We have enlisted the points regarding Reasons for CDR rejection in the given below:

1. Plagiarism content

Plagiarism is one of the most common reasons for CDR rejection. CDR samples found on various websites are just meant to be used as a guide. Never plagiarize the project report from a CDR sample or the internet. Engineers Australia will detect plagiarized information and reject your report, whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally. The CDR report should be a one-of-a-kind piece based on your profile and project. Read the sample, learn from it, and write in a comparable style to prevent plagiarism and CDR rejection.

2. Technical Details

It is acceptable to provide some technical details in your report. However, too many technical details on each report, such as tables, unnecessary computations, charts, photographs, and so on, will impair your CDR report. A CDR report is a formal document that should be created by a professional and should not contain excessive technical details. As a result, rather than being long and detailed, a CDR report should be concise.

3. Career Episode

Each career episode shows how engineering knowledge and skills are applied in the chosen engineering discipline. The EA specifies that the career episode must not be overly technical. A career episode is where you talk about your project or difficulty, as well as your approach and results. If any calculations are required, you may include them in your CDR Report.

However, excessive diagrams, tables, and calculations must be avoided. Engineer Australia wants to assess your problem-solving abilities and practical skills because your theoretical knowledge may be determined based on your educational credentials.

4. Structure of the organization

Your organizational structure, which demonstrates your hierarchy and role in the project, should be well-defined. It’s critical to express your exact position to accurately reflect your work on your project in the capacity you’ve taken on.

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5. Word Count

The quantity of words that should be written in each section of CDR reports follows a strict formula. Each Career episode must have a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words. CDR Rejection can occur if you include too many details or make it too long. As a result, you must include only the most important information and address in a restricted number of words that meets all of Engineer Australia’s requirements.

reasons for cdr rejection

6. Technical Difficulty Explanation

Before submitting your CDR report to Engineers Australia, make sure it’s error-free in terms of spelling and punctuation, formatting, and sentence flow in your career episodes. Your report should appear to have been produced by a professional. The duration, location, firm profile, and project goal must all be included in a CDR report.

Not only should this material be included in a report, but it should also be presented in chronological sequence. Many people make the mistake of providing information on a bullet point while creating a CDR report. Instead of expressing the material in bullet points, describe the statistics and information in paragraphs so that it is easily understood.

7. Design in the CDR

Design activities are given a significant emphasis in CDR evaluation. You can get a good grade when you incorporate technical design activities in your CDR report. Similarly, a lack of creative design could be a major roadblock to a positive CDR report evaluation. As a result, describe your technological experience and creative engineering in relation to the designing tasks you’ve done and make sure to emphasize it as much as feasible.

8. Selection of project

You may be subject to CDR Rejection if your supporting project isn’t strong enough. Engineers Australia may reject you if you offer an illogical project. While writing a CDR report, an appropriate project should be chosen based on your educational qualifications.

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9. Error in Summary Statement

The CDR report contains three primary components: a Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list. Each of them plays a crucial function in the CDR report. The CDR’s summary statement is important because it contains cross-references for all career episodes. The majority of assessors read the first page. It demonstrates your ability to process data and generate first impressions about them.

10. Problem Statement

In your career episode report, it is critical to state the issues clearly and the activities you took to resolve them. In your report, mentioning problem statements clarifies exactly what you contributed and accomplished during the project. As a result, be sure that each of your reports has all of the problem descriptions and solutions.


A CDR report is a lengthy, complex, and challenging document that, when completed properly, provides engineers with a bright future. As a result, expert consultation is an important part of the CDR report writing process.

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What are the mistakes in CDR report writing

Various reasons could cause the refusal of the CDR report. Below is a list of common mistakes that cause EA to reject CDR:
– Excessive technical details
– Plagiarized information
– Unsuitable career episodes
– Mention your own experiences only
– Word count Limit
– Incorrect format and structure
– Grammatical and other errors
– Unclear summary statement
– Irrespective of Continuing Personal Development(CPD)
– Use of inappropriate language

How do we write a Career report?

The career episodes must represent the time of your engineering practice. It must show your project roles and objectives. The content that is plagiarized will be rejected. Therefore write original content free of plagiarism.
The structure of the career episode is as follows:
– Introduction: It contains the date, duration, location, and name of the organization.
– Background: It is made up of your engineering activity, project objectives, the nature of your work area, a chart displaying the structure of your organization, and the role of your job.
– Personal engineering activities contain activities detailing what you accomplished and how you did it. You may also include technological issues and collaboration.
– Summary: This section summarizes your total activity.