Document checklist for the ACS skilled assessment in 2024

Document checklist for the ACS skilled assessment
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Document checklist for the ACS skilled assessment in 2024

Do you want to apply for the ACS Skilled Assessment in 2024 but need to figure out what you’ll need? Below is the ACS document checklist for the ACS skilled assessment required in 2024. The Australian Computer Society has completed a talent evaluation for ICT professionals interested in migrating to Australia.

The ACS skilled assessment is for applicants with no or insufficient ICT experience. According to the ACS guideline, they must prepare an RPL report. The ANZSCO code you choose determines how your RPL report gets written for the Australia skill assessment

Applicants must select the appropriate ANZSCO code before submitting their application. If you need help deciding what field to pursue, look into the ANZSCO codes to see which ones are right for post-Australian study skills assessment.

Follow the acs skill assessment documents listed in the ACS skilled assessment guidelines:

Below are the documents listed in the ACS Skilled Assessment:

1. Understand the Visa Requirements

If you are unsure, applicants should consult professional agents. The Department of Home Affairs has listed all visa choices to select the one that best meets your requirements.

2. Understand ACS requirements

We recommend you read the entire Australian Computer Society requirement-provided rule to fully understand the skill evaluation standards and the ACS skill assessment requirement you must meet to qualify.

3. Understand the ACS application type.

After thoroughly reading the prerequisites, select the ANZSCO code corresponding to your desired occupation. It must be appropriate for your abilities, knowledge, and experience.

4. Existing Applicants

If you have already submitted an ACS application, you must log in to your account on the ACS forum before submitting another.

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Document Checklist for the ACS Skilled Assessment

Here I have listed an important ACS skills assessment checklist:

Document checklist for the ACS skilled assessment

1. Personal documents

1.1 Birth Certificates or Passports

ACS must get color scans from applicants.

1.2 Documentation of Name Change

If you have recently changed your name, it is recommended that you send a good color scan of the document.

1.3 Resume/ Curriculum Vitae

According to the ACS, applicants must include their curriculum vitae (CV) in the personal area of their application form.

2. Qualification documents

2.1 Academic qualifications

You must include a color scan of your academic transcript and a copy of your certification or completion record for your Australian qualification. You must submit a bachelor’s and a master’s degree certificate. Here’s everything you’ll need for your qualification documentation.

  • Education Title/Degree
  • University name that awarded the degree.
  • Degree completion date.
  • List course details and the mark/grade earned for each unit or subject.
2.2 Vendor qualifications

You must provide the vendor login information for Microsoft vendor qualification for verification. This part of the document is one of the vital documents from the checklist for ACS.

Engineers may ask for your login credentials after submitting the form for Cisco vendor qualification. You can attach this information in PDF format.

2.3 Experience documents

Applicants must scan job references in color on letterhead or a statutory declaration.

Work experience document

  • Applicants must include the start and end dates of an applicant’s employment in their work experience inside the acs skill assessment checklist. You can write the end date if you are currently employed there.
  • For the claimed occupation, the tasks and duties performed by the applicant during the work period must describe in detail.
  • It is necessary to provide information on the total work hours per week. Specify whether the job is part-time or full-time.
  • Include the country of the job. It is essential to include the date and location of the work done in the same region but at a different location.
  • Letterhead for an organization that the author signs include their name, position title, address, and phone number.

Third-Party Statutory Declarations Requirements

At the executive level, third-party colleagues offer the statutory declaration. The third-party must describe their working relationship with you and the responsibilities they performed during the employment time, including dates. It should declare that the Executive level signed the document in the presence of authorized witnesses and the statement’s date and location.

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Tips Before Submitting an Application Form

Please follow these steps before submitting your online application form to the Australian Computer Society (ACS):

1. PDF file requirements

Single pdf must combine documents submitted by applicants into a single PDF file containing specific information about their qualifications and work history. The maximum file size for the required pdf is 3 MB. Before emailing your pdf file, be sure it is not encrypted or in read-only mode. Applicants must upload their pdf files to the online application form.

2. Original certificates uploads

Ensure you provide at least 300 dpi color scans of your original certificates, licenses, passports, and resumes. Before submitting documents online, double-check the digital signature.

3. Additional documents

Suppose the case is insufficient documentation, ACS may request additional information. You must attach additional documents supporting your claim in such cases. It must get renamed to distinguish the document from other files already submitted.

4. Translation of documents

Applicants must approve the translation of their documents into English if they are in a language other than English. Applicants must provide the original and translated versions of the papers together.

i. Document Translation Within Australia

Translations are accepted in Australia if approved by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

ii. Document Translation Outside of Australia

The translation is accepted if it falls into the following categories: The translation of your documents obtained qualifications from the Australian Education International Section, the Ministry of Justice, or an equivalent establishment.

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Why choose CDRAustraliaVIP?

In conclusion, a successful ACS skilled assessment can open the doors to a successful skilled migration journey to Australia. As the acs checklist is an essential aspect of the assessment process, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the necessary documents in order.

By following the acs skill assessment guidelines provided by the ACS and ensuring that all documents are complete and accurate, you can significantly increase your chances of a positive assessment outcome. The assessment process can be complex and overwhelming, but with the right support and guidance, you can navigate the process with ease.

So, gather your documents, seek professional assistance if required, and take the first step towards your Australian skilled migration journey. Remember, a well-prepared document checklist can be the key to your success. Good luck!


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